We invest in early stage startups to multiply their value 10x.

We understand the importance of a technology partner for a startup.

Since 2012 we have invested in businesses in different industries. We mainly look at businesses where technology is important in their day-to-day operation. More than investing in ideas or businesses, we invest in people.

We invest capital, and labor, in the proportion that makes the most sense for the moment of the startup. We only invest where we can contribute more value than just capital.

We seek:

We invest up to $ 100,000 (USD) per year, in startups where:

1. Stable income

Demonstrate that you have had income, validation of the idea, and a reasonable time of operations. We do not receive only business ideas.

2. Great team

We are looking for intelligent, ethical, disciplined, committed, hard-working people, who are not in love with your ideas, who have the ability to turn the business around if necessary.

3. Unfair advantage

You should be clear about what makes it 10 times better than the competition or a new market to exploit where the competitors are few or there are high barriers to entry.

Our promise:

We will be part of your life, we put the heart and experience to the business. Hard work is what we give, and we expect of you. Fun, passion and purpose drives us. We believe that by building solutions that add value to people, we together transform our reality. We work solving real problems for real people.

If you are an entrepreneur and want an expert partner in technology, you should talk to us.

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Our investments

Social Airways

Plataforma social para aeropuertos (Vendida)

Trabajo en

Bolsa de empleo para trabajos digitales (Cerrada)

Mis Indicadores

Metricas para sistemas de calidad (Cerrada)