Axiacore Capital

The best way to predict the future is to build it.

We love to build. Over the last 15 years, we have been building the most successful digital products for many companies in multiple industries. Long ago we began noticing how hard it is to start a company, especially when it comes to building their technology.

Building a company requires a talented team, capital, and time. Nowadays, it's becoming harder to hire, pay high salaries, and get on time to the market before you run out of your initial capital. It sucks.

Execution is the key ingredient for success. Ideas are important, but getting things done is where most startups fail.

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Since our talented team was already developing top-tier digital products every day, we decided to start investing and accelerate the future we want to see.

We invest in business opportunities lead by experienced non-technical founders.

Why Axiacore in my cap-table?

We know how to build and scale companies. Great advice on execution comes handy when dealing with scaling a business.

More than a decade investing in great people. Here's our track record:

  • 2013 - Zinobe Operational
  • 2013 - Mis Indicadores Closed
  • 2014 - Social Airways Sold
  • 2016 - Freshapp Sold
  • 2017 - TrabajoEN Closed
  • 2017 - tuAp Operational
  • 2018 - Helena Closed
  • 2018 - Plastihogar Operational
  • 2020 - Neivor Operational
  • 2020 - Mi Megáfono Operational
  • 2021 - Breeze Operational
  • 2021 - Loopay Operational

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Why invest alongside Axiacore?

We have skin in the game. We invest our own money. We are not a fund or managing the retirement funds from the teachers in Canada.

It's our time, effort, and capital to make our investments succeed. 37% of our current portfolio was featured on Forbes.

How do I invest?

For some deals, we are investing alongside others by invite-only. If you want to participate go and find someone who can make you an introduction to us.

We discuss deals and opportunities on our community page.

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