Carbon negative

We are a carbon negative company

In early 2021 Axiacore completed the carbon negative plan who started the year before.

We are committed to the 17 sustainable development goals from the United Nations:

Our purpose is to shape our future and our vision of the future includes a healthy planet, clean water, and lots of trees.

We love nature, birds, water, and we would like to have more of them. This was our starting point to plant as many trees as we can every year, we got to research on the best way to do it and we found this incredible technology called Seed Balls:

Using drones and technology we can increase our impact tenfold. There is no need to travel by car, walk around the forest, dig a hole and plant one tree seed. That would take us a lot of time and effort. Using the seed balls we can just throw a lot of seeds from a drone and that's all.

Since we are a remote company, we took into account an average energy consumption of 267 kWh per person each year. This is roughly 0.115 tons of CO2 per person each year.

We don't consider heating, traveling, commuting, servers, etc. Most of us work from home, there is no commuting and traveling is very rare and limited in each country. Our servers are taking care of by our providers and they have carbon offset programs in place, so we don't have to.

Throwing 200 seed balls into the forest will have a 35% success rate of becoming a tree, which means 60 trees at least for every 200 seed balls. Our commitment is for every member of our team we'll give 200 seed balls to the forest each year from now on.

Our current headcount is around 30, so we'll be giving to the forests SIX THOUSAND seed balls each year which will become TWO THOUSAND TREES for our future and the generations to come.

We increased our clients sales tenfold.

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