Risk Control

When something bad happens, you better have someone to call.

A digital product is one of the most significant investment decisions for your business. Taking good care of it is mandatory nowadays, so let us tell you a story.

Have you ever dropped a birthday cake?

Not a pretty way to celebrate. I once put all my effort into baking a cake for my daughter's birthday. I was trying hard to make it the best cake ever. Chocolate chips, vanilla flavor, locally sourced eggs, and my special secret family ingredient added to the mix. Everything on the right amount, mixed at the perfect time, made with so much love I could taste how great it will be just by the smell of the oven.

After so much work, time, and effort, my cake was ready for prime time. So many kids waiting for their piece of cake, the smell was all over the place, and I could barely hold myself for not eating some. It was looking so delicious.

I was getting ready to move the cake from the kitchen table to the party table, having those big gloves for cooking, balancing myself taking small steps. Suddenly, I could hear a big dog barking, running towards me from the side, and the next thing I remember was lying on the ground with pieces of cake everywhere on the floor. Somebody thought it was time to let a big dog loose to get some fun.

Business relates to life in more ways than we can imagine. It could happen to your business, and here we are to take care of you.

Risk Control is an exclusive service available only for the projects built with the AX3 Framework.

60% of businesses can't recover from a cyber attack. It's not just taking down your operations. It's the reputational damage you take for your business brand. If somebody can't trust your technology, nobody will add their credit card number to your website and buy from you.

We monitor and protect your technology 24x7 against:

  1. Cyber attacks on your digital product.
  2. Non-updated infrastructure, software, and databases.
  3. Critical situations in your technology affecting the business.

We are the ones making sure the dog is not about to ruin the party.
Schedule a call today, and let us show you how we keep the digital businesses running 99.9% of the time.

We increased our clients sales tenfold.

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