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People Specialist

You will be responsible for creating and nurturing a positive organizational culture. You will play a central role in aligning our people strategy with the company's goals and fostering an environment where employees can thrive. Your role will involve developing HR strategies, managing employee relations, and ensuring that our workplace is supportive.

In general

  • Recruitment and Hiring: The People Specialist is responsible for recruiting and hiring the best talent for the organization. This involves developing job descriptions, posting job openings, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and selecting the best candidates.
  • Retention: Fostering a supportive workplace. Recognizing and rewarding employee contributions and achievements. Addressing employee feedback and concerns promptly and effectively.
  • Employee Lifecycle Management: Oversee the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to offboarding. Monitor employee performance and engagement, providing feedback and support to improve job satisfaction.

In particular

  • Manage employee expectations and foster a positive workplace culture.
  • Plan, execute, and deliver HR initiatives and programs.
  • Understand employee concerns and address them effectively.
  • Create work plans and schedules for HR projects, considering priority and team availability.
  • Coordinate with various departments to ensure smooth HR operations.
  • Maintain constant communication with employees to receive feedback, resolve issues, and ensure alignment with company goals.
  • Review HR policies and processes regularly to ensure they meet quality standards.
  • Schedule interviews and meetings to follow up with performance plans.
  • Monitor the status of HR initiatives and maintain up-to-date documentation.
  • Work closely with the leadership team to understand and support staffing needs.
  • Propose improvements for HR processes and initiatives.
  • Track and report on team and personal performance metrics.
  • Find and hire the best talent for Axiacore.
  • Promote the Axiacore culture.
  • Foster an excellent organizational climate.
  • Execute the recruitment and selection process.
  • Guarantee a cultural fit for a candidate or an Axiacore employee.
  • Follow up on the rituals to promote the Axiacore culture.
  • Potentialize Axiacore employees to perform at their best.
  • Do the induction for new staff joining the company.


  • Experience: 5 years of working in the HR field.
  • Technical Skills: Knowledge of HR management methodologies, tools, and processes. Ability to manage employee relations, gather feedback, and communicate effectively with employees in a remote workplace.
  • Metrics: A data-driven approach to measuring people's performance.

Performance Objectives

  • First 30 days: Two first dates each week.
  • First 60 days: Five first dates each week.
  • First 90 days: 90% quarterly employee retention rate.


  • Reports to the COO.
  • Does not manage anyone.

Our purpose

  • To empower businesses with fast, simple, and elegant solutions that solve problems and unlock opportunities..

Our values

  • Warmth.
  • Excellence.
  • Consistency.

Our benefits

  • Belong to a team: This is a group of intelligent, hardworking people from whom you'll learn a ton.
  • Remote Work: We are a fully remote company. You can work from any location that is suitable for your productivity.
  • Fair Pay: You will receive fair compensation in USD according to your responsibilities.

Not for you if

  • Money is your top priority.
  • Need constant direction.
  • Get easily offended.

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