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Product Director

A Product Director oversees multiple products in the product development life cycle (Discover, Design, and Execution). It plays a central role in defining the company's product strategy, looking at how to improve the process to deliver more value and be more efficient. Can guide other product team members in their jobs and troubleshoot any challenges.

In general:

  • Product Strategy: Develop and refine the overarching product strategy in alignment with the company's vision, goals, and market trends. This involves identifying new market opportunities, evaluating potential product expansions, and making strategic decisions about resource allocation.

  • Cross-functional leadership and Collaboration: Serves as a central point of coordination and collaboration across various functional teams involved in product development, including discovery, engineering, and design. They work closely with these teams to ensure alignment with the product vision and strategy, facilitate communication and decision-making, and remove obstacles hindering progress. Fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, empowering team members to contribute their expertise and ideas to drive product success.

  • Performance Monitoring and Iterative Improvement: Responsible for monitoring the team's performance and tracking key metrics such as utilization, delivery, and realization rates. It also leads the iterative development process, overseeing the continuous improvement of the service.

In particular:

  • Evaluate, propose, and improve Axiacore’s internal processes.

  • Ensure our team is perfectly located in projects that represent a good investment to the company

  • Keep constant contact with the Axiacore sales and build.

  • Measure results and progress toward goals.

  • Team leadership.

  • Maintain up-to-date documentation for the process.

  • Propose improvements for projects under management.

  • Participate in the forecast of the project to prioritize.


  • Experience: 10 years of working in the field.

  • Technical Skills: Knowledge of product management methodologies, tools, and processes. Also, know how to design the UX and UI of digital platforms.

  • Client Management: Ability to manage client relationships and know how to resolve disputes with clients.

  • Product Management: The ability to define product strategy, create roadmaps, and manage the product lifecycle.

  • Leadership Skills: Ability to lead and manage a team of consultants, designers, and engineers.

  • Language Skills: Ability to communicate effectively in English and Spanish.

Performance objectives:

  • First 30 days: 80% delivery rate from the team.

  • First 60 days: 90% delivery rate from the team.

  • First 90 days: 80 NPS in the product area.


  • Reports to the COO.

  • Manages the Web Designers, Product Managers, and Discover Team.

Our purpose

  • To empower businesses with fast, simple, and elegant solutions that solve problems and unlock opportunities..

Our values

  • Warmth.
  • Excellence.
  • Consistency.

Our benefits

  • Belong to a team: This is a group of intelligent, hardworking people from whom you'll learn a ton.
  • Remote Work: We are a fully remote company. You can work from any location that is suitable for your productivity.
  • Fair Pay: You will receive fair compensation in USD according to your responsibilities.

Not for you if

  • Money is your top priority.
  • Need constant direction.
  • Get easily offended.

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