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Project Manager Remote


We are looking to improve our internal communication and coordination for work. You will learn about different business industries, cultures, and technology. Work with teams located in the US, Colombia, and Brazil.


  • Team planning.
  • Control contingencies.
  • Verify what is going to be delivered to the client (review).
  • Deliveries. Coordinate meetings with clients, generation of minutes, or documentation of each stage.
  • Carry out tasks of collection, analysis of requirements, and definition with clients in person or remotely (as required).
  • Maintain excellent communication with the client, knowing their needs and transmitting them appropriately to the definition and operations team so that the scope of the requirements is met.
  • Prioritization of customer requirements in the team's work plan and prioritization with the customer of their requirements.
  • Keep updated information about the development phase and cost control of bags of hours with the client's approvals on each user story.
  • Deliver point bag work estimates to the client and management of the operations team schedule, taking into account the review time and the delivery schedule to the client.
  • Follow up with the client on the estimates delivered, seeking that they are approved in the shortest possible time.
  • Include in team traffic from point bag activities
  • Delivery dates and delivery planning to the client after being confirmed with the estimation and operations team.
  • Ensure compliance with the delivery times of user stories.
  • Review all the deliveries of the operations team, in advance of the delivery date with the client, and ensure that what is delivered to the client is what was requested in the requirements gathering and work definition stage.


  • Clear, orderly, and concrete oral communication
  • Information management
  • Problem identification
  • Analytical capacity for decision-making.
  • Concern for order, quality, and accuracy
  • Responsibility
  • Initiative and proactivity
  • Assertive and empathetic communication
  • Ability to recognize and manage their own projects.
  • Ability to identify and organize priorities.
  • Leadership.
  • Clarity to define goals and objectives.

Our purpose

To save you time so you can do what matters most.

Our values

  • 1. Give more than expected.
  • 2. Pay attention to detail.
  • 3. Take action now.
  • 4. Do what you say.
  • 5. Get better every day.

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