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The COPNIA is the organization mainly responsible for controlling and monitoring the exercise of certain professions such as engineering, offering citizens the possibility of whether a person is authorized to practice that profession. More and more users use the Internet to consult with entities like Copnia, many of these queries from mobile devices. The objective of this project was to facilitate this process.

Was devised to make a Copnia integration with Twitter, because this social network is quite busy by Colombians and a large percentage of these are installed on their mobile device. To facilitate citizens to consult this information quickly and efficiently, a feature was enabled that lets you send the card number of the person you wish to consult the Twitter account of COPNIA to know if he is authorized to practice this profession.

Identifying this trend, the COPNIA (Colombian Government public entity) and AxiaCore have worked together over the past few months to facilitate consultation mechanisms for citizens, under Government Online and Open Data. This is very easy to use:


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