Lápiz de Acero

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International platform

A manageable portal with multi-language contents, available in several countries.

We were only responsible for the engineering process, by which the graphic design was integrated developing the graphic templates for the different browsers and optimizing the website page speed to be the lowest possible. Being necessary a content administration system, where contents could be managed in 3 languages across 8 countries, we had a significant challenge by defining and architecture that allowed such capacity.

Carrying out a coordinated integration between the graphic interface programming (frontend) and the database programming (backend), we achieved developing, in a few weeks, a strong and extensible platform that allows a complete administration for that large quantity of contents and visitors of the platform.

During the platform deployment, we had an special consideration since different access subdomains as at an infrastructure level represented a significant challenge to achieve displaying several portals with many databases in different languages with a simultaneous launching date.

This project was a Lápiz de Acero Award winner as the best 2012 website.

A portal available for several countries and showing its content in different languages.


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