The countless possibilities of online delivery
Crepes & Waffles

The countless possibilities of online delivery

How do you create a brand’s digital experience in a single channel that generates closeness, warmth, and familiarity?

The countless possibilities of online delivery

The challenge

Crepes and waffles Is one of the most loved, recognized, and busiest restaurant brands in Colombia. Over the years, it has expanded to many countries thanks to its strong brand and high customer fidelity.

By the end of our consulting process, we identified two critical challenges: the first was to create a platform that allows the centralization of their delivery operations for all their sales channels. The second was to effectively communicate the brand experience to the users, projecting the brand values through the digital presence.

The countless possibilities of online delivery

Our proposal

We designed and custom-built the Crepes & Waffles e-commerce platform from the ground up, to make it fast and easy to use from any device.

It's a centralized shopping experience that motivates users to order through the online channel. During the purchase process, communication was optimized, and the values of the brand were highlighted along with their social projects and their sustainable impact.

To make the platform's experience as simple as possible, we integrated the POS system of the restaurants, delivery area coverage, call center, e-commerce, and chatbot orders, optimizing the operation in real-time and improving company sales performance by 3 times.

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