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How to teach families with kids diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?

The challenge

Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which your immune system destroys insulin-making cells in your pancreas. These are called beta cells.

Overall, type 1 diabetes (T1D) accounts for approximately 5% of diabetes and affects about 20 million individuals worldwide. Among those younger than 20 years of age, T1D accounts for the majority of T1D cases (1,2).

This is a chronic condition with no cure as of today. When children are diagnosed their families struggle with too much information. We wanted to teach families and their children what to do, in a simple and easy way so they can take the most out of the situation.

Mi Diapp

Our Solution

Children are a unique type of software user, you need to be very careful about how to show them content, and the experience you provide them so they engage and take the information on how to take care of their health.

We build a web portal to let them learn by following a designed course with videos and learning materials, for children and their parents. They were able to understand and learn about their condition and how to live with it.

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