Making copywriters’ lives easier
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Making copywriters’ lives easier

CopyCount helps you fit your copy in the maximum character counts for a channel.

Making copywriters’ lives easier

The challenge

When doing their job, copywriters tend to face one problem: not knowing how the text will look on each platform, certainly, they can’t publish the exact text on different platforms, because they have their own character limit, layout, and writing rules.

Copy Count is a solution where copyrights can visualize how their copies will look in different formats, helping them put important information before the “Read More”, our challenge was to improve user experience by redesigning the platform interface.

Making copywriters’ lives easier

Our proposal

To offer an optimized user interface, we grouped the 16 different channels into 4 media types, where you can select the preferred channel. With a new, modern design, we made sure the user experience is as smooth as it can be. The tool has a character count and helps visualize how your caption and once approved, copy the text.

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