Get your startup idea off the ground
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Get your startup idea off the ground

What would you do if you have a great business idea but no one to build it?

Get your startup idea off the ground

The challenge

A founder with a great idea, business experience, and sales opportunities, but no coding skills or technical partner, is quite f*cked, right?

Not with us, we work best with founders from a business background, and we help them build the technology to make their ideas come true.

This project was all about taking advantage of the little access to technology that the traditional media companies have and building a platform to help them sell online their advertising packages.

Get your startup idea off the ground

Our proposal

We designed and custom-developed a software platform to allow customers to buy advertising from traditional media companies. In just 4 months we were able to move from an idea to a functional product selling on the Internet.

The company founder was able to raise venture capital to grow the company, and take the product to their own team to add further capabilities.

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