Find legal opportunities using a SONAR
SONAR by Orza

Find legal opportunities using a SONAR

The first gov-tech tool to predict the regulatory risk in Colombia.

The challenge

Colombia has created more than 97,000 government rules that have affected businesses in every industry in the last couple of years.

It is very hard to keep track of all those changes and rules. This is where ORZA thinks about SONAR (Sistema de Orientación y Navegación en Asuntos Regulatorios) to automatically detect changes in the local legislation that might affect business operations.

This technology works like a ship radar looking for changes in real-time, giving a clear advantage when dealing with business regulations. Indisputably, a must-have tool for every company.

Find legal opportunities using a SONAR

Our Solution

By doing our discovery, design, and engineering, our team at axiacore built a crawler engine with custom logic based on interest tags, that chooses the most relevant information, and sends a notification every time there is a risk associated with the regulation

Our technology creates a profile for each congress member, allowing us to rank them and assign a risk score to their actions throughout their careers.

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"Gracias a Axiacore hoy tenemos en el mercado la primera plataforma de GOVTECH que hay en Colombia."
Gonzalo Araujo

Gonzalo Araujo

Co-founder Orza Relacionamiento Estratégico Corporativo

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