Service Request Ticket Portal
Saint Louse House

Service Request Ticket Portal

Overcoming the language barriers to help moms with their homes in Austin, Texas.

Service Request Ticket Portal

The challenge

When a non-profit serves a social purpose that goes beyond giving away free stuff, you can see the real impact of their work on people's faces, and you want to make sure to help in every way you can.

Helping Spanish-speaking moms to deal with their house repairments is a challenging task, especially when the contractors only talk in English. There were many communication problems because of this language barrier and we needed a better way to deal with it.

Service Request Ticket Portal

Our proposal

We created a platform to allow the house residents to report service requests and get help from the contractors to fix them. Using an AI translation engine we were able to let a Spanish-speaking mom write and read everything in their own language, and the contractor will read and write everything in English too.

Everyone uses his native language and gets things done. Our people-first approach let us find the biggest pain point was the communication and complexity of learning to use complex software, remembering passwords, or installing an app.

They scan a QR code, authenticate without a password, and use their phone web browser to manage all their service requests. Easy, fast, and secure.

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