Healthcare Digital Product Innovation
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Healthcare Digital Product Innovation

Reach out to more than 500.000 people under healthcare coverage to give them better service.

The challenge

Dealing with healthcare institutions is very slow. They are big and complex, navigating through regulations and local laws they have a hard time giving a great service to their users.

One of the main issues identified by our discovery process was to keep an updated tracking for treatments and prescriptions, usually dealt with using excel files. Many files and information are lost or incomplete because they don't have a way to manage this process.

We set out to build a digital platform to provide all the tools they need to register the information from the whole process, so they can later use a business intelligence tool to get data from reports.

Healthcare Digital Product Innovation

Our Solution

Talking to users, and understanding the regulations and multiple systems to integrate via APIs, we were able to design and build a web portal for the patients, staff, and healthcare directors, to manage the information from dealing with prescriptions and periodic checkups the patient has.


"Axiacore's outstanding quality made us grow our business with more than 500.000 medical records."
Ada Durán

Ada Durán

CEO Soul Medical

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