Real Estate Investing from your phone
Visum Capital

Real Estate Investing from your phone

How can anyone in Colombia invest in commercial real estate?

Real Estate Investing from your phone

The challenge

Visum Capital was born to grow the real state business opportunities in Colombia by reaching a broader audience of investors.

For many investing in real estate is a life-changing decision, seems like a big commitment only for rich people and big companies. How about if we change that?

At the same time, it is very important to generate trust in the company. By showing the history, projects, and performance information. We can give people access to the information that makes them more prepared when making a decision.

Real Estate Investing from your phone

Our Solution

Differentiation is the key. Usually, most financial services websites are filled with numbers only finance people will understand. We wanted to take the approach from the non-finance point of view and make it easy.

Going through our discovery process, we identified opportunities to communicate the unique value proposition so anyone can come and read about it and be inspired to schedule a call to know more.

Blazing fast, easy to read, and integrated with the business backend, we reached a broader audience looking for investment opportunities in a long-term fashion.

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