You get what you pay for

Camilo Nova

Camilo Nova

Apr 14, 2022

1 min read.

We don't pay much attention to the quality of the things we get until we lose time or money with them.

By default, we want to buy the cheapest option and try. But unfortunately, we are not very good at calculating the cost of failing, at least not with money.

Let's say you get from a stranger a $100 bill; you will be spending more time checking if the bill is legit than if it were a $5 bill. You will put more effort into checking the quality for the $100 than for the $5, and this is completely normal. You know the cost of failing if the bill is a counterfeit.

This is human normal behavior. We usually know how to deal will money, but we don't do the same with people we want to work with.

When choosing to work with someone, we rush to take the $5 bill approach, but instead, we should take the $100 bill one and take more time to check if this person is the one I'm looking for.

Many companies have problems working with people because they do not take the time to check if they are legit or right for their business.

Next time, take more time to know who you will work with. Think of them as a $100 bill, and make sure it is legit/right before accepting it.

It will work the extra time, I promise.

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