Service Level Agreement

So many websites make us frustrated by not letting us do what we want. A broken page, something missing or misplaced, never-ending forms, etc., makes our blood boil from anger.

We are rewriting history with our top-of-the-line customer service, specially crafted for businesses that rely on their technology to operate.

Here is how we handle our clients' requests and the level of service provided by Axiacore:


From the business operation standpoint, each request gets classified into three levels according to its priority (from highest to lowest):

Level 1 (highest)

The time to diagnose and propose a solution is up to 30 minutes. This level includes:

  • Security updates.
  • Failure to access production servers.
  • Data loss.
  • Complete denial of service.

Level 2 (middle)

The time to diagnose and propose a solution is up to 1 hour. This level includes:

  • Software updates.
  • Failure to access staging servers.
  • Partial denial of service.

Level 3 (lowest)

The time to diagnose and propose a solution is up to 2 hours. This level includes:

  • Change text or images.
  • Data corruption.
  • Intermittent denial of service.

General Notes

  1. The client must first check this is not a local network connectivity issue before reporting an issue.
  2. The client must first check our browser support before reporting an issue.
  3. The client must report their problems at the support platform.
  4. The time to diagnose does not mean time to resolve the issue.
  5. The time applies only during consecutive business hours.

Our Commitment Level

  1. Do our best to provide you with the most excellent customer satisfaction.
  2. Provide our service effectively to give you the shortest possible time to resolution.
  3. Respond to requests on Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (US Central Time).

24x7 Emergency Attention

  1. Clients with a 24x7 agreement must report Level 1 problems by calling the emergency phone line provided.
  2. Incorrectly calling a problem as an emergency will generate a separate invoice for attending the call.


If we breach our service agreement, we will give you the following compensation (at no extra cost):

Failure Compensation
Up to 50% of the agreed time. $100
Up to 100% of the agreed time. $200
More than 100% of the agreed time. $400

These compensations apply when the diagnosis time exceeds the estimated time according to the level. When the client is aware of the additional time it may take, this compensation will not be applicable.

The maximum compensation limit will be $1.000 in a given month.

The next invoice will include the total compensation amount as a discount.

Keep in mind that extreme situations may cause delays; therefore, where force majeure is applicable, this compensation scheme does not apply.


The terms of this service level agreement are valid only if the customer informs Axiacore about any problem presented, including all the information about the causes and the steps to replicate the error by another person so that Axiacore has sufficient data to make an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

If Axiacore cannot reproduce the reported issue, it will be closed as not-valid. Therefore, the client must send all the necessary information such as keys, images, browser used, operating system, and other information to validate such a problem.

Emergency Maintenance

Axiacore may carry out emergency maintenance or updates without the client's approval, as long as the service is not significantly interrupted by such work.

Client Obligations

  1. To inform in a diligent, precise, and comprehensive way about the problems so that we can act in an agile and efficient manner in the solution.
  2. Verify the correct operation of your local computer and Internet connectivity before reporting any support case.
  3. Maintain a contingency plan if the solution of a problem takes longer than expected, which significantly affects your business operation.
  4. Give response promptly to our support staff inquiries.

Additional Costs

The following work will be charged separately at the current hourly rate and are not part of any service levels:

  1. Time reviewing non-existent problems, a problem reported that it does not exist after reviewing.
  2. Understanding with personnel who do not have sufficient knowledge of the problem to give clear and precise information.
  3. Correction of the issues caused by a reason other than the one reported that results in loss of time.
  4. Correction of problems caused by mismanagement or configuration for which the customer is responsible.
  5. Provide solutions or perform work outside the hours stipulated in this agreement at the express request of the client.
  6. Restoration of backup copies due to corruption or loss of data due to mishandling by the client.

Service Availability

When Axiacore manages the infrastructure exclusively completly, we guarantee 99.9% yearly service availability. We are bound to the cloud provider uptime. When AWS or another cloud provider is down, the time will not count towards our service availability.

Availability Out of service by year Out of service by month
99.8% 17.53 hours 87.66 minutes
99.9% 8.77 hours 43.83 minutes
99.95% 4.38 hours 21.92 minutes
99.99% 52.60 minutes 4.38 minutes

Support within cycle

When our clients have a cycle running, the issues generated by changes made within cycles must be fixed in the cycle.

Last updated on Dec 26, 2022.