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"Narrow the focus, up the quality, increase the speed. You have to choose what matters most...."

James Clear

The cold Start Problem

You have a project to do, needs to hire, train, and manage the team to make it happen. Hiring will probably take you three to six months, training will take another two months, and building will take as long as your team can figure out how to work together. Some people will leave around that time, making you start over.

We call it the 'Cold Start Problem. By bringing a team who already know how to work together you'll save at least 40% of the time to take this project to completion.

Our Solution

A dedicated team working on product development. A 'cycle' is a two-week period where the team will meet, plan, make, test, document, and deliver.

Cycles must be delivered consecutively, with a project focus. Meaning, Axiacore doesn't provide burst staffing.

Service is billed every other week and due upon receipt. Three month initial commitment. Renews monthly. Team availability is not guaranteed if not renewed. Sold by months.

Alignment on business goals, autonomy on implementation based on our experience and industry best practices.

Seasoned Team.
Our team comprises extensively vetted individuals, chosen from a pool of over a thousand candidates.
Unified Approach.
Years of collaboration have refined our unique “Axiacore Way” of executing tasks.
Cost Efficiency.
Shorter projects translate to lower financial commitments.
Predictable Commitment.
Our two-week cycles ensure consistent and dependable timelines.
We possess the capability to swiftly introduce new team members in case of unforeseen circumstances like illness, departures, or transitioning between projects.
Our team can scale up or down to meet the client’s needs, ensuring the right people are working on the right tasks at the right time.


Simple Monthly Flat Fee

Team L

$58,000 /month

  • Team members: 8 People
  • Full-time Rotating: 2 people
  • Full-time Dedicated: 2 people
  • AI Copilot
  • Full-time Quality Assurance Availability
  • Full-time Product Manager Availability
  • Tech Lead

Team M

Most Popular

$30,000 /month

  • Team members: 5 People
  • Full-time Rotating: 1 person
  • Full-time Dedicated: 1 person
  • AI Copilot
  • Part-time Quality Assurance Availability
  • Part-time Product Manager Availability
  • Tech Lead

Team S

$15,000 /month

  • Team members: 4 People
  • Full-time Rotating: 1 person
  • AI Copilot
  • Minimal Quality Assurance Availability
  • Minimal Product Manager Availability
  • Tech Lead

Detailed Descriptions

Team Members:
The total number of people in the team.
Full-time Rotating:
The number of people that rotate roles according to the needs of the project. Design, frontend, backend, devops, etc.
Full-time Dedicated:
The number of people that guarrantee stability through the project. Shorter learning curve and business context.
Quality Assurance:
The time commitment of a person in the team checking on the product quality.
Product Manager:
The time commitment of a person in the team leading the product development.
AI Copilot:
A software tool that assists developers improving their output by 40%.
Tech lead:
A CTO in the team leading the technical decisions.

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