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Introducing Mission Control Dashboard

Camilo Nova Camilo Nova wrote this on Feb 03, 2016

Years ago we started making transactional platforms for our clients, as we operate bigger and more complex escenarios it was common to check on uptime status, security updates and other key metrics to better understand and control their businesses.

​Why don't disturb a developer in action

​Why don't disturb a developer in action

Ivan Ramirez Ivan Ramirez wrote this on Jan 18, 2016

Many times we found similar situations where a friend, familiar, work partner or pet interrupt a developer. When some people try to talk with a programmer doesn’t interrupt only your work, interrupts your brain.

Sometimes the connection between him and the code is total; all parts of his body are connected 100% with an issue, and he needs to take all of his energy and apply it.

​Some activities require more brain power than others

Santiago Feijoo Santiago Feijoo wrote this on Jan 14, 2016

The 3 different types of mental resources (below) require different mental load. Visual requires more than motor, and cognitive requires the most mental load of all.

Motor (least effort): pressing buttons, moving the mouse, etc.

Visual: see things and take them in

Cognitive (most effort): thinking, remembering, making decisions

“One of the best ways to create a good user experience: reduce cognitive load.”

A good experience is the result of reducing mental resources—especially cognitive load.

The question often arises about whether to have a long page or a series of smaller pages you have to click to navigate through. Scrolling is a motor skill—it takes less brain power and is less tiring than clicking through smaller screens where each click requires a cognitive process to think about what to do.

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Block IP address with ufw

Camilo Nova Camilo Nova wrote this on Jan 12, 2016

An easy way to block an IP to access your server will be to use:

  1. $ sudo ufw insert 1 deny from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX to any

This way you can prevent unwanted access attempts from a certain IP.

Changing old ways

Changing old ways

Sofia Rodriguez Sofia Rodriguez wrote this on Dec 10, 2015

Companies usually work hard to make money and make their customers happy, but what about the employees? are they happy? is really important how they feel?

UX Tactics to make a better platform

UX Tactics to make a better platform

Santiago Feijoo Santiago Feijoo wrote this on Dec 04, 2015

Some advices to create a great experience and make customers happy :)


This is the way to anticipate the actions of the user, it creates the feeling of speed to the user, because it makes the action before the user wanted to do.

You can see this concept apply in instagram; the moment you pick a photo to share, it start to upload it. This means that while you write some cool text or hashtag to share with the photo, the app is already uploading the photo, and when you are ready to confirm; instagram already upload the photo and the magic happens.

Migrating from compass to bourbon

Migrating from compass to bourbon

Camilo Nova Camilo Nova wrote this on Nov 26, 2015

Three years ago we went from writing CSS and dealing with browser prefixes manually to use a framework who can help us bringing all the cool things of css like gradients, box-shadow, border-radius and more, at that time the best option was using Compass and Sass. It blow the way we worked.

Starting up for the Festival de Teatro XV

Camilo Nova Camilo Nova wrote this on Nov 20, 2015

We just received all we need to start working on the brand new Festival de Teatro XV responsive platform. This is a very cool project, it should support most of the mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers, even we will support smart TVs as well.

This project will be available late December 2015 at

Less is more

Less is more

Sara Martinez Sara Martinez wrote this on Nov 19, 2015

Agile methodologies are a number of techniques for project management have emerged as opposed to the traditional methods. Although they emerged in the field of software development, they have also been exported to other projects and try to avoid the tortuous and bureaucratic ways focusing on people and results.

Python is on the rise

Camilo Nova Camilo Nova wrote this on Nov 17, 2015

It's nice to see more people are taking better decisions about their technology stack, Python in particular. According to Dice this trend will continue over the next years.


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