Our Vision

We are going to live among the Stars.

The ultimate mission of technology is to advance life both on Earth and in the Stars. Planet Earth is not our final destination; it is our starting point.

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Our Purpose

To build people's freedom to thrive anywhere.

At Axiacore, we are committed to creating a future where everyone can thrive, regardless of location. We aim to use technology to overcome barriers and accelerate human progress, growth, and abundance.

Thrive means to do what you want at your best. It means to have the freedom to pursue your dreams, to be happy, and to be successful.

We were born for this moment.

Our Values

  • Act with intention: Our commitment to intentionality drives us to act deliberately and thoughtfully in all that we do. We believe in aligning our actions with purpose, focusing on meaningful outcomes rather than solely on tasks. Intentionality guides our decisions, ensuring that every step we take is purposeful, well-considered, and directed toward our goals. We prioritize mindfulness and clarity in our approach, fostering a culture where each action carries a deliberate intention behind it.
  • Deliver precision everywhere: Precision is a term that embodies accuracy and exactitude. It reflects a commitment to meticulousness and attention to detail in our work. Precision is not just a standard we uphold; it's a mindset that guides our approach to every task. We focus relentlessly on the details, ensuring that every aspect of our work is carefully crafted and executed to the highest standards.
  • Improve every day: It signifies our dedication to seeking better working methods everywhere, evolving our processes, and refining our approaches. It's about fostering a culture where everyone is encouraged to innovate, learn, and grow, leading to continuous advancement. We believe in the power of ongoing improvement, where every day presents an opportunity to be better than the last.

We are Axiacore

Axiacore is a digital consultancy specializing in business strategy, product design, and software development.


We are a compact team of researchers, designers, and engineers working from North, Central, and South America.

  • Camilo Nova

    Camilo Nova

    Camilo is a software engineer who loves building products. He has over 20 years of experience creating digital businesses as a founder and investor in multiple companies.

  • Santiago Feijoo

    Santiago Feijoo

    Santiago has over fifteen years of experience as an interactive digital designer. He has a unique aesthetic and understanding of user behavior and leads the team behind Axiacore's most successful digital products.

  • Andres Gutierrez

    Andres Gutierrez

    Andrés studied Political Science and Business. He founded Tappsi to mobilize 1.3 million people daily, becoming Colombia's largest taxi platform. After selling the company, he got accepted to YCombinator and has raised over $50 million for new ventures.

  • Felipe Gonzalez

    Felipe Gonzalez

    Felipe is a skilled software engineer with a keen interest in product development. He has extensive experience in web development and has worked with various technologies. Felipe is a people-oriented leader who takes pride in mentoring and supporting others in their growth.

Thrive Anywhere

We are a remote company. Our team works from multiple cities across the continent.

Trained by the best

Our skills didn't come for free. We have knowledge and experience from the best in the industry, such as:

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Helping kids from South America to shoot for the stars

Imagine being a kid living in a poor country, born into a family with limited means, surrounded by humble homes and dusty streets. Toys and books are a luxury beyond reach. What you could possibly dream of?

Looking to influence their future we have come on christmas and gave them toys to play with, they love it, but over time you can tell you are not making a difference.

Kids In Line

There are some amazing kids, but without tools, there's no hope on escaping poverty. There's hope in the world and they deserve to have some.

Girl With Gift

We want those kids to be able to see the sky at night, and let them dream about the future of humanity living among the stars. This is why we are giving away a telescope for each project we build. A kid dreaming about the stars gets us closer to our vision and makes a real impact for future generations.

Girl Astronaut

They might become an astronaut or win a Nobel price, who knows. This is the telescope we are giving them:

Gskyer 70mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope

This 70x400mm refractor telescope can be a good observation of celestial bodies and terrestrial objects - best for viewing lunar and planetary. Featuring all coated glass optical components, the travel scope provides clean, crisp views. Developed with the traveler in mind, this travel scope features a compact and portable design perfect for the on-the-go sky gazer.


  • Type: Refractor.
  • Objective Lens: 70mm(2.75").
  • Focal Length: 400mm(f/5.7).
  • Mount: Altazimuth.
  • Eyepiece: Low: 25mm(16X), High:10mm(40X).
  • Barlow lens: 3X.
  • Max Magnification: 120X.
  • Finderscope: 5×24 with cross-hair lines.
  • Zenith Mirrors: 48°Erecting BAK4 prism.
  • Tripod: 65cm(31.5") height adjustable Aluminum tripod.
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