About us

You deserve the freedom to own your technology.

We think it's time for a new generation of business leaders to shape the growth economy - not being pulled back by big corporations and intellectual property rights.

Technology plays a crucial role in every business's future, and it's essential to consider the long-term benefits and risks of how companies choose to utilize it. Unfortunately, while software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms may seem convenient and cost-effective, they come with limitations and vulnerabilities.

By outsourcing critical parts of the business to third-party SaaS providers, they give up control over pricing, updates, support, and their customer's data. As a result, they risk being vulnerable to business conditions, technical issues, or security breaches. Additionally, SaaS platforms are often inflexible and unable to meet unique business needs or integrate with other systems.

On the other hand, when businesses own their technology, it gives them greater control, flexibility, and stability in the long run. While it may require a larger upfront investment, it ultimately leads to a more cost-effective and sustainable solution in the long term.

Getting your own technology usually requires: time, money, and access to talent.

By offering all our services to those who change the world, we're hoping to help more businesses to have the freedom to grow. And by holding ourselves to a high standard of top-quality, aesthetically-functional design and reliable technology, we're hoping to make the best use of our talents to change the world for the better.

Our purpose

To build for those who change the world.

We love to build, from building computers, chairs, desks, cars, interfaces, databases, algorithms, and more.

We are problem solvers. We don't like to see things out of place. We enjoy when everything is at the right place.

If there is a problem we like to come and solve it, our satisfaction in life comes from getting over a problem and heading to the next one.

Change is something we are use to. Everything changes, it changes as a mean to improve, to get better, to push the frontier further away.

We have seen the ones who change the world are the ones who try to change, to start a company, to fix a problem, to do something different. We are here to help them change the world, they need the ones to partner with to build.

We decided to build ferraris and not chevys. We build the best for the best. We look for perfection and we deliver.

We build for those who change the world.

Our values


We are committed to continually learning and growing as individuals and an organization. This focus on self-improvement makes us stay ahead of the curve, adapt to changing circumstances, and continuously improve our products and processes. It also reinforces a continuous learning and growth culture, motivating and inspiring us.


We make everything with care, skill, and attention to detail. This focus on craftsmanship allows us to create high-quality products that stand the test of time and is a source of pride for ourselves.


We put people at the center of all we do. This focus on people helps us to build strong, positive relationships with employees, customers, and the community.

Our vision

One million interactions on our products every month.

aksia what?

Axiacore is a boutique consultancy, specializing in digital strategy, design, custom software, and delivery since 2007.

Meet the team

We are designers, engineers, advertisers, analysts, storytellers, and lovers.

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Axiacore Team

Hiking and climbing

Trained by the best

Our skills didn't come for free. We have knowledge and experience from the best in the industry, such as:

McKinsey & Company
NN Group
Stanford University

We are a carbon negative company

The term carbon-negative takes the concept of carbon neutrality a step further. Carbon neutral is an equal balance between the carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere and how much you remove from it. Carbon-negative means you remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than you emit.

At Axiacore we want a better future for humanity. Having more trees, birds, and rivers will make us happy. Not just the landscape, it's being part of nature, feeling one with our planet, and giving more than we take from it. Technology can be used for a better environment and we all must work towards a healthier planet for ourselves and our children.

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We build software solutions from idea to market.

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