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You don't have time to do everything you want to do. Time is the one thing that money cannot buy. Our time is probably our most valuable possession. Unfortunately, many don't realize it and waste time on unimportant matters; this behavior is named procrastination, now a global disease. We get depressed when we waste time. We are occupied with activities we don't enjoy.

We stopped having the leisure time to do what matters, and as a result, it makes us miserable.

At axiacore, we decided to change that. Our products are developed to save you time when used. We want to build platforms that aren't used for a long time, the exact opposite of the most popular apps on the planet. Software that saves time instead of consuming it.

You may feel like It takes so much time to accomplish your work because you undertake a lot of manual or repetitive work. You may feel like it takes too long to buy or sell something because your website is slow and difficult to use. Whatever the case is, we are here for you.

We want you to have time to do what matters most.

Our purpose

To build for those who change the world.

Our values

Perfectionists with deadlines.

People matter.

Better every day.

aksia what?

Axiacore is a boutique consultancy, specializing in digital strategy, design, custom software, and delivery since 2007.

Meet the team

We are designers, engineers, advertisers, analysts, storytellers, and lovers.

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Jan. 2022

Trained by the best

Our skills didn't come for free. We have knowledge and experience from the best in the industry, such as:

McKinsey & Company
NN Group
Stanford University

We are a carbon negative company

The term carbon-negative takes the concept of carbon neutrality a step further. Carbon neutral is an equal balance between the carbon dioxide you emit into the atmosphere and how much you remove from it. Carbon-negative means you remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than you emit.

At Axiacore we want a better future for humanity. Having more trees, birds, and rivers will make us happy. Not just the landscape, it's being part of nature, feeling one with our planet, and giving more than we take from it. Technology can be used for a better environment and we all must work towards a healthier planet for ourselves and our children.

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We build software solutions from idea to market.

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