2024 trend reports are up

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We’re already in that time of the year when multiple consultancy companies are publishing their predictions for next year’s trends. So we’re overloaded with new information that sure will be useful in terms of understanding where your brand should head in the coming months.

And as we understand that it’s important to understand these trends, it’s also crucial to interpret them according to our business model. We don’t have to implement solutions, products or services for every trend, but we use our discernment to implement those that are of real differential value to us and our clients.

But how do we do that? well, first of all, identify which trends affect directly your target market, and if you’re planning to get into new markets, identify which could potentially be of use for this goal. Of course, another way is reading trend reports for your specific industry, although most of the macro trends can be seen through multiple industries.

Besides the point of how you decide to educate yourself with these reports, there’s a huge opportunity in taking information from different sources and meeting points between them. This will help you make better decisions on which new implementations should be prioritized and which ones can be left in your backlog.

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