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Stop renting software.

I'm surprised how software as a service (SasS) companies sold everyone the idea that renting is better than owning. They are trapped paying monthly to use software to run their businesses. Surely, it makes sense when you start, let's say, during the first year, but then it doesn't make any sense to keep renting something you must own.

Technology is a fundamental part of your business. You can't risk being 'evicted' for not paying the rent.

With current technology, building and owning your technology is way cheaper. We have access to so many tools and libraries that reduce development time, and for teams using AI to build, it takes even less time.

Marketers have done a great job of telling everyone that renting software for the cheap is a great business decision, but it is not. Over time, as your business grows, you'll start paying a lot more without noticing, and if you want to change the situation, you can't; you're stuck.

It's time for business owners to realize that there's no free lunch. 

As a business owner, are you really an owner if you rent your technology from someone else?

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