E-commerce isn’t exclusive to B2C businesses

María Lucía Villegas

María Lucía Villegas

Apr 29, 2022

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When we think of an e-commerce business, generally we think of a website where the end-user buys something online. So when we try to imagine a digital platform exclusively for B2B commerces, may be difficult. Of course, also depends on what products or services are on the offer of the business.

Even if this is a common perception, there’s a growing trend within B2B companies and developing a digital transactional platform that allows them to increase their sales by enabling new channels. One of the biggest benefits of implementing a digital product strategy is that, from a business development perspective, digitizing allows teams to work more efficiently and focus their efforts on increasing income.

To make the best out of your digital platform, you have the opportunity of building it in co-creation with your customers and those crucial points improving points in the customer journey. This requires you to talk to them and ask which parts of the purchasing process are the most tedious ones.

For example, McKinsey reports that 40% of B2B customers feel highly frustrated by the long wait to get an answer. An action that needs to be taken here is having someone available for an instant reply, which can be done by reducing business developers’ time doing certain tasks by digitizing them.

Other benefits of offering a digital platform for your B2B business are:

  • Expand to new markets

  • Satisfy smaller customers

  • Reconnect with inactive customers

So if you think building e-commerce isn’t for your business, maybe think twice before making any decisions and remember that in the digital world, anything is possible. Let your customers, who every day are getting more used to constantly using digital tools to execute their daily tasks, contact you digitally while closing more deals.

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María Lucía Villegas

María Lucía Villegas

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María Lucía Villegas

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