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Vera Mazhuga

Vera Mazhuga


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Extended log, that tracks changes in Django models.

Sometimes there is a need to track all the changes that users make with model objects in Django. We wrote our version of django.contrib.admin.models.LogEntry in order to be able to register actions of our user upon the objects in the database.

Github repository:


Installing from pypi (using pip):
pip install django-extlog

Installing from github:
pip install -e git://


pip install django-extensions

Quick Setup

1. Add
django_extlo to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::

<pre data-gclp-id="0" data-initialized="true" lang="python">INSTALLED_APPS = (<br/> ...<br/> 'django_extlog',<br/>)<br/></pre>

2. Add AuditLoggingMiddleware to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting::


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