How insurance companies have gained their consumers' trust

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The past years have been essential for our era as a collective and individually. The pandemic, economic crisis, and many other events have made our behavior take a turn, for better or worse, every decision we make is influenced by the consequences of living in a historical moment.

Naturally, one of the drivers of our decision is the fear of the unknown and having realized that life as we know it can change in a matter of seconds. This is why one of the most important industries right now is the insurance industry. Not only because consumers have made it that way but also because the industry itself is listening to their users and offering a broad portfolio of solutions to our needs.

Inevitably most of those solutions are in the digital ecosystem. The insurance industry is now investing the most in technology to optimize highly specific processes and improve the general experience of their services, prioritizing simplifying requests and improving communication with the customer.

Insurance companies are a good example of a good strategy, they have listened to their consumers and invested resources in improving their lives. Most of the times the only thing consumers need is to feel their opinion matters, and this requires us to put efforts to communicate it does.

So when you’re creating a digital product strategy make sure to put your user first, and co-creating with them the best solution possible. That is what has made insurance companies reach over 7 billion dollars globally, and counting.

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