How to retrieve Facebook extra info from Django

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When we use python-social-auth sometimes there is a need to obtain
some extra information from the Facebook about a registered user. Let's look at
how to retrieve a list of friends and their location.

To specify to which fields we need to have access, we need to add them to SOCIAL_AUTH_FACEBOOK_SCOPE list in file:


So when a user will try to log in to our website using his Facebook account,
will be asked
if our application can access his personal data:

In our case the app will ask him for his email, list of his friends and their location.

If the user agrees,
python-social-auth will create an instance of SocialUser clas with the following attributes:

As we can see, accessing
extra_data JSON, we can get a Facebook
will allow us to get the extra information we need via Facebook API.
Firstly, we get an
SocialUser object:

<pre lang="python">social_user = request.user.social_auth.filter(<br/> provider='facebook',<br/>).first()<br/></pre>

Since we got it, we can sent a GET request to Facebook API, passing
the user's
uid, access token and a list of fields we want to obtain:

if social_user:
    url = u'<a href="{0}/'">{0}/'</a> \
          u'friends?fields=id,name,location,picture' \
    request = urllib2.Request(url)

The API returns us a JSON with the data we requested:

         "name":"John Doe",
            "name":"Bogotá, Colombia"
               "url":"avatar url",

So now we can load it co a Python dictionary:

    friends = json.loads(urllib2.urlopen(request).read()).get('data')
    for friend in friends:
        location = friend.get('location')
        # do something

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