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María Lucía Villegas

María Lucía Villegas


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I would’ve expected that with the digital behavior patterns that accelerated in the pandemic, most consumers would prefer digital channels to make purchases. But the trend wasn’t about digital, it was about accessibility and convenience. Now what consumers are looking for are customized omnichannel experiences.

The data confirms it: 85% of purchases will be made in a hybrid model and 67% will be driven by digital self-service. Omnichannel is preferred by consumers because it gives them convenience and allows a more personalized experience.

But what can we do to offer a more complete experience?

First of all, consider every step of your customer journey and identify those points in which you can implement each channel. Then, make sure that every channel you’re using to communicate with your customers is collecting the same data: order information, payments, logistics, product assortment, prices, offers, etc.

Data consistency will allow you to measure your customer journey through real data and make sure you can update it in real-time. Another factor of a successful omnichannel experience is being able to constantly optimize each step to the purchase and post-purchase, which makes having a unified collection of data more important.

Naturally, another important aspect is aligning your employees with the complete customer journey, they should understand the importance of omnichannel to take advantage of it in their daily tasks.

Lastly, your whole customer journey should include real-time information and updating, your customer should be able to get from your brand what they need at the moment they need it. Taking advantage of the moment’s opportunity makes selling faster and easier.

Taking these actions, you will have succeeded to have a customer-centric experience, that’s every day updating and improving because, in the end, omnichannel should be the standard, not the exception. Always remember, customer adaption is faster if you provide them with optimized channels.

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María Lucía Villegas

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