Innovation comes from within

María Lucía Villegas

María Lucía Villegas


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In our strategy team, we’re constantly researching and looking for new ways we can improve our service. Understanding our methodology as flexible and adjustable to the moment. We know that there’s not an exact way to materialize creativity, but at the same time, there are multiple opinions on how we should lead a creative or innovative project.

I’ve thought about this a lot because we tend to adjust methodologies depending on the client and the context, but are we, collectively, limiting creativity with strict methodologies?

Theorizing procedures sometimes is important to improve them, but the most valuable innovation processes come from within. I was reading about an experience strategist, Liz Posse Corthell, that created her own methodologies from her passion for science fiction, and applied that hobby to her processes.

That’s really pretty similar to the process we make as strategists with our clients when we’re ideating solutions. There’s a methodology that consists in applying a problem in different situations and then translate the solution into our own challenge. Which is in this case the de problem would be the methodology, the reference science fiction, and the solution Future Thinking.

We’re so used to resolving other people’s problems with our practice, that we never focus on how to improve our own matters. Because yes, we can research different methodologies to implement into our innovation processes, the essence of innovation really comes from each person individually. From our perspective and experiences (that’s why diverse teams deliver better results).

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