Tips to choosing the best technology provider

Pablo Josué Martínez

Pablo Josué Martínez


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It is fundamental to choose the best technological partner for the companies that run the race to stand out in the market and transform themselves correctly. Achieving this will help them optimize their internal processes, improve customer satisfaction and make their businesses sustainable for years to come.

However, in contrast to this scenario of growth and opportunities, most companies have had negative experiences when contracting a technology service. Among the most common mistakes are delayed, failed support, inaccurate prices, and lack of results.

Why do companies hire a technology provider?

Many organizations do not have technology as their core because their industries and businesses, in and of themselves, require them to address issues that transcend a digital ecosystem.

For Camilo Nova, CEO of Axiacore, an expert technology company in strategy, design, and development of digital products, "it is natural to observe the reduced investment in internal teams due to the wear and tear involved in building them from scratch, gathering years of experience and improvising success. However, it cannot be ignored that acquiring and implementing modern infrastructures, as well as hiring specialized personnel can generate a high cost and, even with all this, we cannot avoid failure when we invest".

In this situation, working hand in hand with a quality partner allows companies to focus entirely on their business, optimize financial resources, work in an agile manner and achieve better results.

Four tips for choosing the best technology partner

Now that we know the virtues of hiring a technology provider, it is essential to identify how to choose the best among the many options on the market. A task that is complicated when almost all options claim to have the best solutions.

In this context, it makes sense to evaluate the aspects that will help us to prevent any wear caused by a wrong choice.

1. Analyze supplier performance

Results and certifications are the best proof of the supplier's knowledge of specific technologies or skills. It is a way to anticipate the expertise that a given company may have. These certifications are usually gained through audits and tests carried out by qualified entities.

It is worth clarifying that, although not all technical skills should be certified, these documents will allow us to know if the supplier meets the requirements to satisfy the need of your digital project.

Similarly, one of the best ways to assess who might be the best technology partner in the market is to evaluate the solutions they have implemented in other companies.

To anticipate the experience working with a determinate supplier, we can search the results and opinions of those who have already hired their services. This expertise will undoubtedly mitigate the possibility of any risk, error, or expense once the project begins.

2. Verify the support offered

This aspect represents the analgesic for possible headaches. For many reasons, a solution may present intermittent failures, or even cybercriminals may try to attack it. In these cases, the partner must be able to solve the problem in real-time.

We would have to know in advance about the technology providers and their response time. Also, the deadline for problem resolution and other relevant issues to provide technical support. Unfortunately, it is common to find companies that offer us solutions for all kinds of problems and needs even if they are not such a good fit.

For Nova, "when the manager or entrepreneur understands his or her objectives or is clear about where to take the company, it makes it easier to find the most appropriate digital solution in the market."

3. Business understanding

A quality technology partner helps to improve the organization's performance. There is no doubt that beyond selling a product or a solution, its intention should be to integrate a team.

Given this, it is essential to observe its capacity for adoption with different markets and anticipate how the company-supplier relationship will be. This last aspect conditions the levels of effectiveness of the project like almost nothing else.

The quality of the service is generally related to the security offered for the provider we will hire. Therefore, it is essential to know the degree of involvement in the project, the service guarantee, and other relevant aspects (resources, processes, infrastructure, or equipment) that will allow the technology ally to comply with the requested service.

4. Price-quality ratio

The useless is always expensive, even if it costs cheap. Aspects such as experience, recognition, exclusivity, and team profile are the components from which technology providers define the value of their services.

Although the most expensive service does not always guarantee success, it is essential to see the balance between what you are willing to invest in and the quality of the service offered. Otherwise, we could reduce the minimum possibility of success when choosing an option based on a single bias (such as money).

There is an increasing offer of services related to digital transformation, integrations, software development, application creation, website builder, and an endless number of options. But in this scenario, the power of a good choice will allow us to stand out from the competition by avoiding meaningless reprocessing or any technical debt.

Working with the best technological partner is essential to achieve success in the objectives set. In this sense, it is necessary to overcome the line between client and supplier to establish, from the beginning, a true partnership. In any case, we should not underestimate the fact that the benefits of technology will only appear reflected when we make the correct investment and use of it.

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