Reliable technology: Ally for the exponential growth of companies

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Today technology is a valuable resource for the growth of companies. So much so that implementation became a first need in the face of new consumer demands; it is no longer a luxury or an option.

There are several reasons why it is essential to invest in technology: it improves the productivity of companies, expands the market, increases customer satisfaction, allows the company to grow, and enhances results, giving a better understanding of the specific needs of customers.

The accelerated advancement of technology and the market's changing needs has meant that companies must constantly evolve. An excellent way to do it is by improving internal processes with a high-performance digital solution that multiplies revenues, optimizes budgets, and saves time on procedures that could are automated.

However, even with the pandemic context where digitization has played a leading role in the survival of businesses, many companies still hesitate to implement it. Anyway, the skepticism is because of previous negative experiences, the lack of reliable technology in the market, or even the concern that it may generate a high cost.

For entrepreneurs or managers who trust digital platforms to offer products and services, it is frustrating to hire projects that do not come out on time or require much more budget than initially planned. Technology, instead of being a solution for their business, becomes a problem.

Typical mistakes when investing in digital solutions

For Camilo Nova, CEO and founder of Axiacore, “the most common reasons why failures can occur in this type of tool derive from an incorrect choice of the technological partner with which it is going to work. The oversupply of services related to digital transformation, software development, application creation, and endless options increases the possibility of hiring a provider that is not in the capacity to respond to the day-to-day needs of companies”.

Another of the most common mistakes is that companies base their decisions according to the value of the technology. Although the most expensive service does not always guarantee success, it is fundamental to strike a balance between what you are willing to invest in and the service's quality.

So, it is advisable to have prior knowledge of creating a digital business and constantly update digital trends. This situation is because, beyond having a tool built with reliable technology, what works today could be obsolete tomorrow.

The standardization of inefficient platforms and the lack of reliable technology have made the consumer stopped using digital solutions. Other consequences are evident in people's perception of technology; from being a tool to make life more practical, it complicates it.

As a reply, the products developed at Axiacore pass by rigorous quality control and testing methodology, which guarantees that its clients’ will be as error-free as possible, with an availability of 99.99% in the market service time throughout the year.

It is precisely this construction approach that our technology providers should work. At the same time the product is built, a dedicated QA team would have to create a functional and regression test plan in the application.

“We are convinced that Axiacore's quality control and testing methodology are part of our competitive differentiation. The fact that we dedicate resources solely to this function sets us apart from other development companies for which testing is often just an afterthought”, added Nova.

Finally, it is essential to highlight that when choosing a technological partner, you consider their recognition, years of experience, previous results, certifications, and above all, the permanent support of an internal team. In the same way, do a joint survey of requirements, verify the support offered, be clear about your financial situation, and make sure that the provider understands the business and has a timely response capacity.

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