Use the future to change the present

Tatiana Barco Forero

Tatiana Barco Forero

Jul 05, 2022

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Quite a statement don’t you think? My team and I have been reading a lot about breaking the comfort zone and turning ideas into reality without losing focus. It is challenging to see and think about other possible solutions when your work and only job is to understand a problem, a specific context, or a process. The typical behavior is to get stuck with one big idea and shut down other points of view because you are so submerged in that situation that forget about trends, global competitors, and sometimes even the need and challenge you are trying to solve.

We encounter the concept and methodology of Future Thinking, have you heard of it? It comes from the Design Thinking family strategy and Liz Possee Corthell, Senior Experience Strategist at Madpow, defines it as an approach to determining what is likely to change or stay the same in the future. It is a framework that allows us (strategists) to analyze the current world, and how the world looks in the future.

When planning, studying, and structuring a strategy for a product or service, as I said before, sometimes we have a closed mind and do not see the complete picture. This framework, helps us visualize how our product or service can react or behave in different scenarios, starting in the current but thinking about the future.

This is awesome and so needed to create a roadmap that includes the present scenario that has all the investigation and definition of the actual problem. Plus enables the construction of strategy for the long term with trends, possible drives of decision making depending on cultural behavior, and personal artifacts that would affect your user persona interaction with your solution

Here is the link so you can see all the magnificent aspects of this methodology

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