Why work as we know it should change now

Photo of the author: María Lucia Villegas

María Lucia Villegas


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Last year we were all thinking that remote work was for the long run and we weren’t returning to offices? Jokes on us because most companies are returning to their headquarters as most employees work like and work dynamics weren’t sufficient. It was expected as the office workforce right now is composed by generations that grew and learned very specific things about work and how it should be done.

But mostly, technology and interaction through digital tools aren’t those generations’ forté. What we’re seeing now is work-life going back to the way it was before because a couple of boomers couldn’t get used to virtuality.

What is going to happen when younger generations, that live in the digital age, are actual digital natives, are forced to go to an office knowing that their work can be done from home? Even if today isn’t the day we’re all going to go back to virtuality (on purpose), we should continue some online practices, because it’s something that will be inevitable.

At this point this isn’t even about online or offline, it’s about flexibility. We should start planning to give new generations of workers the flexibility and autonomy they need, and as a generation are wired to demand.

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Photo of the author: María Lucia Villegas María Lucia Villegas

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