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Why you should use django-extensions

Foto del autor: Camilo Nova

Working with Django is so cool, for example if you are dealing with repetitive and common tasks between projects you will be supported by a very active open source community working on third party apps to make your life easier as a developer. There are many libraries for many purposes, one of them is django extensions which is one of my favorites because it will help you with:

  • Having a shell with all your models preloaded so you can use them pretty fast, see shell_plus.
  • Generate an image of your models so you can tell how big and complex is your project, see graph_models.
  • Use a very cool debugger when you are developing, see runserver_plus.
  • Sync your files between your django project and your S3 bucket, see sync_s3.

This is just a small list of commands supported by django extensions, it is very handy to have this library among your django apps, but the most cool thing about it is to have a very well maintained library on github with hundreds of thousands using it.

Check it out: https://github.com/django-extensions/django-extensions

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