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Senior Product Manager

A Product Manager is a professional responsible for overseeing the development and delivery of software products. Plays a central role in defining the product strategy, setting priorities, and ensuring that the development team creates a product that aligns with the company’s goals and meets customer needs.

In general:

  • Product Strategy and Roadmap: Develop and communicate a clear product vision and strategy aligned with business goals. Create and manage the product roadmap, outlining key features, enhancements, and milestones. Listen to clients to identify opportunities, market trends, and priorities.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including software developers, designers, and marketing professionals. Work closely with stakeholders to gather and prioritize requirements, ensuring product development aligns with customer needs and business objectives. Facilitate effective team communication to ensure a cohesive and efficient product development process.
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Oversee the entire product lifecycle from ideation to release and beyond. Define and prioritize features, write user stories, and create detailed product specifications. Monitor product performance, analyze user feedback, and iterate on features to improve usability and meet customer expectations.

Important skill

  • Client Expectation Management. Proactively manage client expectations throughout the whole process. Clarify realistic targets, explain the build process, and address any concerns or questions to ensure a transparent and positive client experience.

In particular:

  • Manage client expectations.
  • Plan, execute, and deliver work cycles.
  • Understand the project and requests made by the client.
  • Create work plans and delivery schedules of the scopes agreed with clients, according to client priority and team availability.
  • Coordinate the parties involved in the projects and Carry out management for Axiacore projects with clients and the operations team.
  • Maintain constant communication with clients to receive requirements, fix blockers, coordinate meetings, follow up on client deliverables, and report anomalies.
  • Review all tasks before delivering them to the client to ensure quality standards.
  • Schedule project planning meetings with the team.
  • Maintain and improve Axiacore’s service quality standards.
  • Monitor the status of the projects daily.
  • Maintain up-to-date documentation for the process.
  • Keep constant contact with the Axiacore sales team.
  • Propose improvements for projects under management.
  • Maintain, feed, and update team and personal performance metrics.


  • Experience: 5 years of working in the field.
  • Technical Skills: Knowledge of product management methodologies, tools, and processes.
  • Client Management: Ability to manage client relationships, gather requirements, and communicate effectively with clients.
  • Product Management: Ability to define product strategy, create product roadmaps, and manage the product lifecycle.

Personality traits:

  • Dominance: Demonstrates strong leadership and assertiveness to drive product strategy, set objectives, and make decisions that align with organizational goals.
  • Extraversion: Comfortable collaborating with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and clients, effectively communicating product vision and requirements.
  • Formality: Adheres to structured processes while maintaining adaptability to address evolving product requirements and industry trends.
  • Assertiveness: Confidently communicates and implements product plans, ensuring alignment with market needs and business objectives.
  • Conceptual Thinking: Demonstrates the ability to think strategically, analyze market trends, and develop innovative product solutions.
  • Communication Skills: Effectively conveys complex product concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, fostering understanding and alignment.
  • Adaptability: Can navigate and adapt to changes in market demands, customer needs, and technology landscapes, adjusting product strategies accordingly.
  • Results Orientation: Driven by achieving product objectives and measurable outcomes, with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Strategic Vision: Possesses a forward-thinking mindset, develops and executes product strategies aligned with the company’s long-term goals.

Performance objectives:

  • First 30 days: Meet with one client per day.
  • First 60 days: Meet with two clients per day.
  • First 90 days: 90% satisfaction rate from the client.


  • Reports to the Product Director.
  • Does not manage anyone.

Our purpose

  • To empower businesses with fast, simple, and elegant solutions that solve problems and unlock opportunities..

Our values

  • Warmth.
  • Excellence.
  • Consistency.

Our benefits

  • Belong to a team: This is a group of intelligent, hardworking people from whom you'll learn a ton.
  • Remote Work: We are a fully remote company. You can work from any location that is suitable for your productivity.
  • Fair Pay: You will receive fair compensation in USD according to your responsibilities.

Not for you if

  • Money is your top priority.
  • Need constant direction.
  • Get easily offended.

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