2 real success cases of digital transformation processes

Johan Bernal N.

Johan Bernal N.


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A Digital Transformation in a company implies a series of substantial changes in it. Which aim to generate an evolution in its systems and structural procedures, as well as in its culture and human talent.

This process must be implemented gradually and comprehensively, so developing it involves a path that begins with conceptualization and planning, and ends with execution and constant iteration, understanding that it will always be necessary to continue optimizing tasks and processes over time. Once this is understood, the most important thing to do is to start by asking oneself: what is the situation of my business?

And the situations that companies live in are never the same, so landing the needs of my company in front of an eventual Digital Transformation is a priority to execute the process properly and achieve the expected results, avoiding that these do not correspond to the corporate reality.

Today it is common to mention the benefits that a digital transformation allows, not only are evident from an economic point of view, but also at a general level, especially to improve the internal structure of a company.

Whether improving the distribution of tasks, systematic processes, or saving time and resources; in short, a digital transformation allows a myriad of substantial improvements that will take your company to the next level.

And so that you can see the dimensions of what digitalization can generate, we want to share two cases with you:

Ford, digitization to the future:

Due to the restrictions generated by the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, in recent months there has been a drop in the automotive sector. 

Understanding the difficult panorama that the market had to face at a global level, Ford dedicated itself to developing and implementing state-of-the-art technology during these last months, to promptly achieve the end of combustion engines, while they got up from the COVID crisis.

Because of this, the brand has been working on hybrid models and is already preparing 100% electric vehicles, which are already known since Tesla's incursion. In addition, the bet is also placed on autonomous cars that they hope to launch in the coming years.

Ford has understood the existing digital boom and has been able to adapt to these modern times. So it has gone from being a company on the verge of bankruptcy in 2006 to a very strong company today, which has been catapulted by digitization and has focused on its quality processes and data analysis.
Secondly, its budget has been allocated to innovation and technology and has not stopped growing (currently 30%), which has allowed the creation of technologies such as Ford SYNC, which allows controlling a vehicle by voice, and Ford Touch, which allows doing so without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

And despite the circumstances, Ford already knew that the future is digital, which is why they became the only vehicle brand present at the first Mobile World Congress.

Domino's Pizza, food tech!

As part of its effort to offer better products and services to its customers, this leading pizzeria recently launched Domino's Tracker, a state-of-the-art delivery technology that allows its customers to follow the progress of their order online. Today, Domino's AnyWare technology also allows customers to place orders through devices other than mobile and desktop.

The company has also been working on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve the quality of its products and enhance its online and physical operations.

In some parts of the world, Domino's also uses autonomous vehicles and drones to deliver its pizzas. A fact that has placed it at the forefront among the companies that have mastered what the research firm Gartner called "multi-experiential" customer service.

Experts have defined Domino's like the "pizza experience company". This is due to the creation of its IT department trained to work on marketing strategies to attract new and retain existing customers.

This is how two large companies show us that the digitization of processes is the best alternative today and that with solid strategies they can grow significantly. Thanks to digital transformation, today we can say "The future is now".

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