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I was playing with this new website where you can make arguments about a topic, and it took me by surprise. You can choose a topic and it will generate both sides for an argument. Check it out:

I used: "Custom software vs Software as a service"

Debator A

As someone who has worked extensively with custom software development, I strongly believe that it offers several advantages over using SaaS solutions. Firstly, by building custom software, businesses can tailor the solution to their specific needs and thus, streamline their processes more effectively. In contrast, SaaS solutions are often bloated with features that businesses don't need, resulting in a cluttered interface and decreased productivity. Additionally, custom software can be more cost-effective in the long run as businesses only pay for the features that they require, whereas SaaS providers often charge a premium for features that aren't used by the business. Lastly, with custom software, businesses maintain full ownership and control over their data and security, which is often not the case with SaaS solutions.

Debator B

While custom software certainly has its benefits, I disagree that it is a better option than SaaS. For one, SaaS solutions offer a more affordable and accessible option to small businesses with limited resources. With custom software, businesses have to invest a lot of time and money into hiring developers, building the software and then maintaining it. In contrast, SaaS solutions have a lower upfront cost and offer continuous updates and maintenance as part of the subscription cost. Moreover, SaaS solutions are cloud-based, making them highly scalable, and provide easy integration with other software. Custom software often suffers from a lack of scalability and compatibility with other software, creating silos of data and causing disruptions in workflow.

Debator A

While it's true that SaaS solutions are an affordable option for businesses with limited resources, custom software, when built correctly, can provide a higher ROI in the long run. By tailoring software to meet the business's specific needs, it can improve productivity and efficiency, leading to a reduction in costs and higher profits down the line. Additionally, with custom software, businesses don't have to worry about being locked into a subscription-based model, which can be a big advantage in terms of expenses. And while it's true that SaaS solutions offer updates and maintenance as part of their service, the control over these updates is often limited, with businesses having to accept whatever changes are made. With custom software, businesses have full control over updates and can implement them at their own pace.

Debator B

You make some valid points, however, I would argue that SaaS solutions offer the potential for faster and more frequent updates, which can be beneficial for businesses looking to stay on top of trends and innovations in their industry. Additionally, SaaS providers invest significant resources into security and compliance, ensuring that businesses' data is safe and secure. With custom software, businesses are often responsible for ensuring compliance with legal and security requirements, which can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Lastly, SaaS solutions offer greater flexibility in terms of on-demand resources, allowing businesses to quickly scale up or down as required. Custom software can be difficult to scale without significant investment in more resources.


Both debators present well-reasoned arguments, but in this debate, I give the edge to Debator A. While Debator B makes valid points about the affordability and accessibility of SaaS solutions, Debator A successfully argues the benefits of custom software, including greater tailoring to specific business needs, better long-term ROI, and greater control over updates. These advantages compensate for the higher upfront cost of custom software and greater responsibility for compliance and security. Overall, Debator A provides a stronger case for the use of custom software in business.

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