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Tatiana Barco Forero

Tatiana Barco Forero

Apr 25, 2022

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A common situation after the pandemic for most of our possible and actual restaurant clients is the desire to migrate all of their clients to their own e-commerce channel and stop having delivery markets as their only way to get to the digital consumers. A lot of uncertainty, doubts, and unclear strategies are present day to day to potentialize their own channel, bring the community and rescue the brand values lost in the delivery platforms.

Here are some relevant data on the delivery market that could help you make the decision on what strategy to implement to have a balance for your digital clients.

Delivery platforms have five revenue streams:

  1. Charging between 15% to 30% of commission for every transaction to the restaurants

  2. The client pays a fee of up to 15% for using the platform.

  3. Also, the client pays for the delivery service between 2% and 5% depending on the platform.

  4. Publicity and advertising of restaurants during the user journey.

  5. Tips that win the employee directly.

Meaning that for every order the client is paying approximately 40% additional to the real plate cost. Adding to these, they are only choosing food that has more discounts or cost less, leaving outside the brand, experience, and value proposition that makes unique the journey and connection with the restaurant.

Looks like delivery platforms are manipulating the market by having a solution for both needs (clients and restaurants) by charging almost double the real cost but using discounts, promotions, and low-cost offers to have massive transactions. Meanwhile, the restaurants lose all the differentiators as a brand and gain half of the real cost.

But not everything is lost, restaurants can take advantage of this channel to promote, test, and launch a specific product. Delivery platforms users are the best niche segment to have a special, valuable, and low-cost product be sold. Because of the concept of massive transactions, the users will get used quickly to the new product and consume it without any doubt.

So, our recommendation is to select a product or a category of products that first is one of the favorites, is cheap, and it doesn’t need many operative processes, to take advantage of this channel, launch, and test with the platform.

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Tatiana Barco Forero

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