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Tatiana Barco Forero

Tatiana Barco Forero

Apr 20, 2022

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I’ve been noticing, that my colleagues and I, sometimes get stuck in our innovation process because of a lack of creativity. So, I started researching how to avoid this or how to get over this quickly and realized this is more common than we think. It doesn't happen only to people who work strictly on innovation, but also to people who have operative jobs. They also get burnout from their routine and the lack of creativity does not allow them to overcome this rapidly.

These can be caused by a lot of circumstances that inhibit creativity to emerge. Researching, I found the most important explanation about the reason for getting stuck doing the innovation process. It appears there are some character aspects that block and discourage getting out of the box.

Trend Hunter CEO, Jeremy Gutsche, recently explained farmer and hunter characteristics. These are two types of personalities of innovators, and the key to have a fully creative and innovative nature is to have a balance between both.

Farmers are people who are loyal and protective of their initial idea, it takes them a lot to trust the iteration of the idea and believe that discipline and consistency of the evolution in a straight line of that specific idea will bring a successful return.

On the other hand, Hunters are curious people, they can have an idea but are very open to seeing other resources and references to develop it. Also, the curiosity makes them insatiable, they iterate quickly without getting attached to the first version and expect results immediately from any action they do.

As you can see, to have an outstanding innovation or even an operative process, you should have an equilibrium. It isn't wise to be insatiable and iterate without any strategy behind it, but also getting devoted to a first version will never bring a product-market fit.

This is the video of Jeremy Gutsche talking about this, check it out!

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