Details, they are the ones that make you fall in love

Tatiana Barco Forero

Tatiana Barco Forero

Jun 06, 2022

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“The future of the groceries stores” is the topic of a very interesting, amazing, and a little overwhelming report I read a few days ago. The concept of a digital-physical redesigned experience and journey is very proximate to happen, and here is when having a user-centered strategy takes relevance.

In the report, they mention a few characteristics of this new “digical” experience, that from my point of view, still need to be tested and detailed by users. For example: Prepare the grocery list with the indications of an AI nutritionist, or grab a to-go salad made by a robot chef. They are innovative ideas that respond to the need for a new way of making a hybrid grocery shopping journey. But the execution of the idea is what makes me nervous. Thinking about the how, the details that would make the customer feel confident, motivated, and satisfied, have still many interrogatives, and that is okay. We are just speculating about the future.

Remember our passion for the Product Led Model Strategy, its core goes for the details. Is designing functions and characteristics that instantly generate value for the users, but also the way they interact with them. Here the UX/UI takes so much value because it makes sure the detail in every action cause loyalty, emotion, and curiosity for more in the user.

At Axiacore, one of our principles is to pay attention to detail. This not only makes the user fall in love but also feel they are navigating through a very personalized and high-quality experience. Design specially for them.

So, hopefully, for the future of the groceries stores, redesign the journey focused on the detailed experience. As we always say, it needs to be user center, problem-solution-oriented, and time-saving.

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