The greatness of having a detail strategy

Tatiana Barco Forero

Tatiana Barco Forero

May 31, 2022

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Recently, I have been reading and hearing a lot of critics from strategists, innovation leaders, and product/service designers about the lack of good strategy implementation. The comment goes around the famous, accepted, and common high-level strategies presented in decision-making meetings with the board of directors. I want to add, maybe cross this feeling of nonconformity with the people responsible for this, with what is left when attending workshops that are clearly not user-centered.

For us, strategy and product builders that have seen with results the effectiveness of the idea. Know that for good execution of a strategy, it has to have a punctual objective, with clear actions and knowledge of what to do and its needed to do the action, the people who are directly affected and involved in the strategy, and the key, relevant, and measurable results expected.

If the strategy proposed is so high level that doesn’t present the specific detail needed, it will never be successful. Plus never bring results, cause they aren’t even thought about.

This happens also when we design a user center workshops. Workshop of any type: on a marketing-focused group, a prototype testing workshop, or a problem-solving workshop, the facilitator and the creator should think about all the variables that may happen during the execution and that is also part of the strategy.

When we have a thought of a strategy or a hypothesis of an idea, we should always think with a 360º vision of all the detail needed. There are many theoretical concepts, methodologies, and even strategies. But it is our responsibility to be completely sure the expand all the reactions, variables, and interactions that may present in the execution.

For example, strategies for getting more attraction to your website shouldn’t be “make more presence on Linkedin by generating more content”. These types of strategies aren’t complete, they need a target, need a what for thinking, goals, metrics, need the actions, and a how. Or an example of workshops could be when the creator brings a methodology that, of course, it has a strategy behind it, but there is no strategy in the execution, the users get lost trying to understand a not thought ideation process.

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