Do things that make you feel more like you

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We have been conditioned to act according to what others want from us, not according to what we want from us.

We have lost touch with ourselves and forgotten who we are. In making everyone else happy, we have become miserable on the inside.

The problem is living a life trying to please everyone but ourselves. Don't get me wrong; ego is the other extreme you don't want to go to. There's a balancing act in here, where you want to do what you like without being an egotistical asshole.

There's a certain authenticity and happiness that comes from being trully who we are. No one can be better at being you than yourself. Embrace your own persona and be the best person in the world playing that role.

The solution is to do things that make you feel more like you.

Remember the activities you did where you felt yourself when doing them (such as singing, dancing, playing, fixing a motor, cooking, sewing, etc), the kind of things that shaped your own identity. You know what they are, but you might have stopped doing them because someone else said something about it and make you feel bad, but you enjoyed doing them deeply within you. You stopped doing them trying to please someone else.

Do things that make you feel more like you.

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