Don't have online sales if you don't have the operations to support it

Tatiana Barco Forero

Tatiana Barco Forero

May 11, 2022

1 min read.

As a digital user (now I consider myself more digital lover than before), I usually buy almost everything online, groceries, presents, clothes, home decor, etc. Since the pandemic, the digital experience of e-commerce has improved a lot.

Usually, I buy from brands that I love on platforms I’m familiar with. So when I’m trying new e-commerces, there are many expectations sometimes fulfilled, most of the time not. Of course, the ones who surprised me with the best experience became part of my favorites, the rest I forget about.

What are the most valuable aspects of the online shopping customer journey? Well, being a product and digital business strategist, we established three critical characteristics for a completely satisfactory experience.

  1. Study your clients: First of all, you need to know who your users are, what actions are the differential and relevant they value most, and create a unique personalized communication.

  2. Be coherent with what you offer: This is one of the biggest pains users have when ordering online because the result is an instantly lousy experience. Align your operations with your digital channel, pay attention to every stock update and constantly review the communications on your platform to never offer something you can’t deliver.

  3. The post-purchase has equal value as the purchase: Remember that your customer is looking for validation every step of the journey. Talking to them after their purchase makes them feel important and that they can trust the brand for any difficulties. This is when many digital businesses lose clients, they don’t do follow up and there is no way to make them fall in love if there is no constant communication.

Try to implement these three critical aspects to your digital business, measure the actions for each one and I’ll assure you some positive changes. Also, remember that you are also a digital consumer, so think about what parts of other platforms’ experiences make you loyal to a brand or a hater.

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