Hard Work vs Soft Work

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In a recent conversation, this topic from Derek Thompson came out, and it is pretty interesting, so I want to give my take on it.

The idea goes by people doing two types of work: hard and soft. When doing hard work, you might be working alone, entirely focused on a task where you don't need anyone else, you versus you. In contrast, when doing soft work, you might be working with more people, relaxed, brainstorming ideas, or coordinating with your team; this is you working for the team.

Hard vs. Soft, Alone vs. Social, Single vs. Team. I know some jobs will fit that description, not all of them, but there are some.

For the ones who do, you should work from home when doing Hard work and work from an office when doing Soft work. This way, you condition your environment according to the type of work you will do, making you way more productive than at home or in an office. It could be that given the flexibility from remote work, you can choose a place to do Hard work and another to do Soft work, coordinating with your team. It seems like a big win if you plan the way you work considering this.

Here is the full article if you have more time to read it.

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