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According to Goldman Sachs, there will be a significant impact on the work that can be automated by AI. The most significant industry is the office and administrative sector, with 46%, next to the legal industry with the same percentage. All the repetitive work of filling documents will have a significant shift because of AI.

Not long ago, we worked with Latitud GO to streamline the process of incorporating a company in Latam. It required a considerable coordination effort between lawyers and accountants because of all the government paperwork involved. By having a software tool to help with the process, we reduced by ten times the effort it took and improved the productivity of the lawyers and accountants. It also made the process cheaper, so more people could pay for it.

You might think that AI will take your job and leave you unemployed, but the reality is that you take this great technology and make it work for you, increasing your productivity and the overall happiness of doing "the work." You focus on the areas where you add the most value instead of filling documents over and over, reading emails, and copy-pasting information from one place to another.

This is why having a strategy makes so much sense; it is not just about using ChatGTP. It’s about understanding the fundamental value of the work you do and automating the other parts. It’s highly probable that you might not need AI at all. Having reliable software by your side, designed according to your specific needs, makes a HUGE difference.

It’s time to realize AI has come to change the way we work. At axiacore, our mission is to expand human capabilities through advanced technology, allowing people to thrive anywhere. This freedom is the best way to use this technology to work for, not against us.

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