Spotify Wrapped or the best marketing campaign of our decade

María Lucía Villegas

María Lucía Villegas


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Yesterday Spotify launched its Spotify Wrapped, a feature that shows users their yearly usage stats in a fun, dynamic way. You must’ve seen a bunch of people sharing their stats on social media, such as the most listened artists, songs, or how many minutes they spent listening to music the past year.

We have been tracking its success since the beginning because it’s one of the best ad campaigns the world has ever seen. First, start tracking your users' personal data individually, then set a colorful tone and design, and finally, you’ll see your users doing all the marketing work for you.

The success of this campaign has its roots in some trends like personalization that users can’t seem to get enough of. From its beginnings in 2015, Spotify has gone up from 22 million subscribers to 165 million in 2021. Additionally, there were 60 million shares of Wrapped stats across social media in 2021.

We have yet to see the sharing results of 2022, but it seems the count won’t stop as they have been adding different more features to the algorithm, this year, they added a listening personality in which users could identify if they were musical nomads, enthusiasts or other personalities created to increase their excitement for one of the most waited days of the year for some.

So to summarize, Spotify Wrapped is just users’ personal data shown in a shareable way with the business intent of acquiring more users. When done right, it’s incredibly successful.

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