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Tatiana Barco Forero


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I want to understand why it seems there are two options online when you start thinking about transforming digitally or opening your business in the digital ecosystem: to slaughter your brand or have a basic, “functional” e-commerce platform. Why choose common and static templates more punctually instead of investing in authentic and personalized e-commerce platforms?

Reading articles about the absurd growth of businesses that offer code templates like Shopify, Cluvi, and Vtex, I understood small businesses tend to choose this option because they don’t know they can have a digital solution that keeps integrated the brand, the business vision, and values, with an excellent journey experience designed for their customers. 

The key thing here is the decision to invest in a personalized creation of the business or buy a template where you can sell your products and that is it. 

Cuvi for example is a solution made for businesses that aren’t interested in keeping the brand essence and offering their loyal customers the best experience, they want to sell on a digital platform. That is okay, it is a business model decision, but it is also valid to understand the complete picture of what it means to have template e-commerce.

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