The biggest decision you make daily is what to focus on

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Your ability to focus will be the one that keeps you safe from being replaced by AI.

It's tough to keep your attention on one thing for more than five minutes during times like this. It's insane how much we have changed since the introduction of the smartphone and the "feed," which is arguably the best weapon against focus ever invented. Nowadays, scrolling a feed is part of our daily habits and is training our attention span to be shorter over time.

I'm personally forcing myself to read books or exercise without music and avoid consuming short content. I like to be concise and efficient, but watching ten-second videos is not it.

When I think about it, this is directly related to how productive I feel during a given day. When temptation comes, and I fall into the trap of watching a feed and spending a lot of time without noticing, I end up not being productive at all during that day. It becomes a wasted day; I've lost my focus the minute I fall into that trap.

This is why the biggest decision you make daily is what to focus on. It's all there is. The moment you make that decision and bring this clarity into your day, you suddenly stop thinking about other things, pay attention to the noise, become bored, and fall into a void you can't escape.

I want to be mindful of it because this is such a difficult but powerful decision. I want to decide what's gonna be my focus for the next day and wake up knowing that I'm on a mission so that nothing can distract me from my goal.

I wish you the power of focusing. Make that decision today on what you will focus on tomorrow.

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